Transponder keys

Auto Locksmiths Perth can program transponder keys for many different makes and models of vehicles.  Many people ask us what a transponder key is, as most customers don’t know that their car key most likely  has one built in to the head of the key. A transponder is a microchip that disarms a vehicles immobiliser  when the car key is inserted into the ignition. When the cars key is inserted into the ignition the car’s engine  control unit sends a message or equation to be solved by the transponder in the key.

If the response is  correct the car will start.

Even keys without integrated remotes need to be programmed to start the car, and  some vehicles in Australia such as the Toyota Camry have been using transponders since 1996. If you  would like to know more about transponder keys and if your car has one, find your make and model on our  website or send us a message and we will get in contact with you.

In everyday life transponders are used for many different purposes.

They are used in aircraft to emit signals in response from signals from the ground. On a highway, a transponder is used on toll roads to  collect data from the passing cars. The difference between these and the one found in your car is that the  one in your car key is referred to to as a “passive transponder” meaning it doesn’t require a power supply to  run. Because of this, they only emit a signal to a very small area usually 1cm to ­10cm

Transponders have been mandatory in Australia since 2001, and immobilisers have been required by law  since 1996. Reports have shown that these devices have led to up to a 40% drop in car thefts.

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