Why Your Garage Door Remote Stopped Working

A dead battery is not always the reason for your garage door remote not working. If you find that your garage door remote isn’t working after replacing the battery, then consider the following tips from Locksmiths Perth 247.


Pay attention to where you are at when you click on the button to open the garage door. If you are a distance from the home, you may be out of operational boundaries. You must be in the proper range for the remote to work.  Move closer to your door and see if the door responds to the command of an opening when you click on the button.  If so, then you may find that you just need to be a little closer when you operate the opener.


Temperatures can make a remote sensitive, causing them not to function properly. The safety sensors within the remote become sensitive and fail to respond properly. The sensors are typically contained in the steel housing. When the weather changes to extremely hot or cold, the housing can contract or expand. This then causes a misalignment of the infrared beams. Having your sensors realigned by a knowledgeable technician should fix the problem.

Bad Circuitry

It is possible that your opener has simply died.  Your remote is an electrical component that has a lifespan, and it may simply be that problems have developed within the remote’s circuitry.  If this has happened then repairing your opener is not likely the best option.  Replacing the opener is not difficult to do.  If you have the original paperwork, contact the manufacturer to enquire about replacing the opener. If you do not, you might contact a locksmith to discuss a universal opener.

So, when you find your remote is no longer functioning properly, and you have replaced the battery then the problem may be that your remote is at the end of its lifespan if it is not the distance or the temperatures have not changed to extremely hot or cold. Locksmiths Perth 247 can help. We provide and code garage door remotes for property owners Perth Wide.

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