What You Need to Know About Keyless Locks

Both residential and commercial property owners can benefit from a keyless entry system. Keyless locks are advanced technology, increasing the security of an establishment. The technology is one that is advanced and one that is within the budget for many homes and business owners. Locksmith Perth 247 welcomes you to learn a little more about keyless locks for your home or office.

With a keyless lock system, you eliminate the need for keys. There are different options in a keyless lock system with each having the same concept- higher security and convenience. With a keyless entry system, keys are replaced with codes or fingerprints. For the home and business owner that wants top security or for the home or business owner that is constantly losing or misplacing their keys and seems to spend endless hour on the phone scheduling the locksmith for yet another lockout, a keyless entry system is the ideal replacement to their old lock and key. With a few pushes of a code, entry is granted into the establishment. And, while you might think that it would be easy for a burglar to enter the establishment, the locks are programmed to deter and recognise burglars. The level of security is high, and the level of convenience is even greater. While keyless entry systems have been around for some time in the locksmith industry, they are the advanced and sophisticated upgrade in security for the home or office.

Why Home and Business Property Owners Can Benefit From a Keyless Locking System

There are various reasons for and benefits of a keyless locking system with the first being a keyless locking system is an upgrade in your property’s security.

  • A keyless lock system allows the property owner complete control of their security system
  • The property owner can decide who has access to their property and when; as well as have a log of who enters the property and at what time
  • Combinations can be changed without calling a locksmith to change the lock
  • Lost and misplaced keys are eliminated as keys are not longer used to enter the property
  • Means of access to keyless locks

Numerical Codes

Of keyless locking system, a numerical code key lock system is a popular choice for home and business owners. The form of authentication for entry is a code that is specific to the establishment. When the property owner enters their code, the lock is released, and entry is granted.

The locking system can be designed to use a key phrase or password. With this locking system, when the door shuts, it relocks. There is often a keypad inside that allows the property owner to operate the unlocking and locking of the door from inside, as well; or, can be operated via a remote control.

Security Swipe Cards

With security swipe card locks, a card is issued to those who can have access to the premises, and it is then swiped through a card reader that will scan the card for authentication. The cards are made and programmed for specific users. You’ll often see this type of locking system in a high-security building.


Biometric authentication is also a popular locking system and one that uses fingerprints to have access to entering the home or office building. You’ll often see biometric locking systems in high-security buildings. Those who have access to the building will have their fingerprints registered on a pad and in order to gain entry they must place their hand on a pad to read their fingerprints. When they match, entry is granted.

Biometrics can also be a voice identification. Both fingerprints and voice identification are the highest security in keyless locking systems.

Stand Alone Locks

The stand-alone lock is designed so that the lock is constructed with the electronic control. The lock is normally operated via a numerical keypad. When a user enters the correction sequence of digits into the keypad, the transmission of an electronic signal is passed, and the entry is granted. With this type of lock, when the doors close, the lock relocks. The lock can be operated from a switch inside, allowing others to enter.

The Magnetic Lock

A magnetic lock is a basic form of an electronic lock. The lock is one that is constructed with an electromagnet mounted onto the door’s frame and to a corresponding position on the door a magnetic armature is positioned. Installation of the lock is quite simple and the lock is one that does upgrade security, The downside of this lock, which has restricted its use, is that the lock must be unlocked upon entrance and exit.

Electric Replacements

If the lock on your door is a mortise or cylinder lock, they can be replaced with electronic variations. The electronic cylinder and mortise locks can be fitted into the same spot as the regular locks. Holes must be drilled to fit a power transfer into the hinge and for the wires. The role of the hinge is to receive electronic signals.

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