What to Do in an Emergency Lockout Situation

Lockout situations are one of the most common locksmith emergencies property owners face. You’re running late, you rush out of the house and leave the keys behind. The door is locked, and you have no way to access the home. Whether your Car, Home or Office, Locking your Keys in the property is a common happening.

The situation is one that is stressful. Panic rises, and you immediately think what to do. If you don’t have a spare set with a neighbor, or a spouse or business partner you can call that has a spare set they can bring you, then you are stranded. Firstly, retrace your steps to ensure that you haven’t set them someplace and forgot you had set them down. If the keys are to your home or office and you’ve just been shopping or visiting a friend, then call the last places you went to see if you might have left the keys behind at the location.

Check all your pockets, grocery bags, etc. If you cannot find the keys to your house, office or car, then it is time to call a locksmith if there are no entry points that you can access the property.

Remain calm. If you have a locksmith call them and let them know the problem you are having, if you don’t, then you might ask a neighbor for a phone book to look up different locksmiths or call for information on local locksmiths on your cell phone.

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When looking for locksmiths there are a few things you should always look for:
Certified, licensed, bonded and insured locksmith – it is essential that your locksmith is certified and has the experience and knowledge for all types of Car Locksmith Services as well as licenced, bonded and insured.

Offers 24/7 locksmith services – there is no telling what time you will need a locksmith, and most emergencies happen when you least expect them. Find a locksmith that works around the clock, 365 days a year.

Has years of experience as a certified locksmith – without the experience, you won’t have the quality in security solutions you require.

When the locksmith arrives, always ask for their qualifications.

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