Virtual Security And The High-Tech Locksmith

In these hectic days of space age technology, highly sensitive and easily accessible data virtually hovers in clouds and clusters in the static-charged air all around. It has become absolutely necessary to have 24/7 security and airtight protection. Confidential and damaging information can be accessed, transferred and taken advantage of at a touch of a button or swipe of a touch-screen. The Virtual Gateway of the Internet has opened up the World today in ways never before imagined.

To protect online data, engineers and techies swear by the intricate and robust layers of encryption and coding only they can conjure up. They often challenge their contemporaries and competitors to hack and crack into the elaborate matrixes of codes they make their living from. They insinuate that their high-tech security is fool-proof and robust enough to withstand any virtual extinction level event.

The internet is a virtual domain that is housed in a very physical plane. Hundreds of millions of Computers called Servers connect to one another over a network of cables, wires and broadcast towers across the Globe. These clusters of Hardware are kept in physical buildings like schools, institutions, offices, secret government holdings and even the homes of individuals. And these edifices of stone and concrete need secure protection not unlike the virtual world of sensitive data they give room to.

The Locksmith is as invaluable as an engineer or a techie who creates codes to protect virtual reality. A locksmith’s job is possibly the most important one in today’s world of materialism and greed. 24/7 protection of property and interests makes the demand for the locksmith a hundred percent necessity.

Vandalism and theft, burglaries and break-ins, damage, destruction and arson have been part of the history of human civilisation as much as beautiful music, artistic monuments and life saving medicine. Where ever people settled the land and built homes and businesses, vandals and usurpers followed in earnest. The larger the cities of the World grew the more of their prosperity and resources had to be protected from the lawless. Large cities like Chicago, Brussels, London and Perth, to name a few, have organised associations and guilds of Locksmiths and Key makers. The importance of the locksmiths and their services have every grown along with the progress of human life everywhere.

Most highly trained locksmiths’ expertise and services often exceed the art of lock-making, covering other security and surveillance areas such as close circuit cameras, burglar alarms and emergency services. Services in times of emergencies that span persons having locked themselves out or inside their homes or vehicles, broken keys in lock-slots or vehicle doors, transponder keys, etc. A locksmith’s solemn pledge and promise is to provide 24/7 safety and security to the homes and holdings of the people of the city.

And now the computer geek displays a great deal of confidence in his abilities to provide internet security. He often boasts of the elaborate amount of encrypted protection on his own equipment he has at home, throwing challenges to his friends and rivals alike to hack and crack his codes and compromise his work. He forgets that his expensive equipment lies in the basement protected only by a rusted lock on a back door ages old. When he gets home, he finds everything gone and a note advising he invest in better physical safe-guarding of his tools that allow him to safe-guard the virtual environment. How the techie now regrets not heeding the advice of peers and investing in the services of a locksmith as much as his own clients invest in his virtual security services.