To re-key or change the lock? Let’s solve the dilemma for once and all!

A door acts as a first guard for your security. The door in question could be the front door of your house, your office or a car door. Doors give us a sense of security, which is why the industry has advanced when we consider highly efficient locks that are now being installed to increase the security of a home owner, office owner or a car owner. BUT, if you aren’t sure who has the keys to your car, home or office except for you and your family, that sense of security quickly falls equal to null or zero.

When you are uncertain about the security of your locked door, you and your family naturally gets worried about intruders. Or at least a possibility of an intrusion. During these situations, it is highly and extremely important that you change or re-key your locks. How to know if your worries are true and if your door locks really need to be changed or re-keyed? Let’s take a look.
• Have you moved to a new home?
• Did you buy a new but secondhand car?
• Have you lost a key and are worried where has it ended up?
• Someone stole your key
• You are thinking about re-keying your home to a master key
• Your were robbed recently
• The door lock isn’t functioning properly
• Your lock has been in use for years but you think it needs to be upgraded

In any of the above or similar other cases where you aren’t sure who has the key to your home, office or car, it’s time to change the locks or re-key them. Now to the next phase of this dilemma. Should you re-key the locks or just change it altogether? Well, re-keying is a simpler process, which also means it will cost you a lot less than installing a completely brand new lock. In the cases where you are happy with how your lock is working and are simply worried about having lost your keys, re-keying is your best choice. Call Locksmith Perth 24/7 and we will be at your address to re-key your locks.

In the situations, when your lock has worn out and isn’t functioning properly, it is advisable to move to a newer and better lock. Remember, each of locksmiths associated with Locksmith Perth 24/7 is fully licensed, bonded and insured making sure of your security and safety. For more, please contact us at 0427 580 823.