The Importance of High Security Locks

Security is a number one issue of every business and home owner in Perth.  With crime continually on the rise, the need to lock our home doors when we are inside our homes are a need, added protection on windows and sliding glass doors is a need and many time, security alarms are also a need.

High security locks are a must, whether it a deadbolt on your home door or a sophisticated security system in your business.  Our homes are at risk of burglary 24 hours a day.  With modern, high security locks we have a protection.

Each home owner and business owner should be aware of the importance of high security locks.

Resistance against Physical Attacks

A majority of burglars gain entry into a home or building by kicking in the door.  The reason is because most home doors are not properly secured with a high security lock.

Resistance against Picking

Standard locks are easy to pick; and, unfortunately lock pick sets are easy to purchase, which allows a burglar to pick a lock in seconds.  A high security lock uses numerous pick resistant technologies that make it tough for a burglar to pick the lock.

Resistance against Drilling

Burglars can also enter a home by drilling and picking a lock.  Small drills are used to cut an opening between the inner cylinder and the outer housing.  High Security Locks are designed to resist drilling.  After a drill attack, pressure to the lock will allow the attacker to turn the disabled cylinder and unlock the deadbolt, gaining entry into the home.

Resistance against Bumping

Some cylinders retain a “memory” of where the pins in the lock are in order to align with the cylinder to turn and unlock.  Bumping is when a burglar modifies a key and attempts to activate your pin’s memory.  By putting the key in the lock and bumping the lock, the pins may align, unlocking the door and allowing the burglar entry into the home.  The entry can be achieved in a matter of seconds.

Patent Key Control

The majority of high security locks use a restricted key system.  Keys to high security locks are patented and duplication of the key can only be done by an authorized locksmith dealers.  In some of the keys, the intensity of the security extends to signature verification needed to prevent the key from being wrongfully duplicated.  Therefore, if your keys fall into the wrong hands, you have less concern.


High security locks are high quality.  The majorities of the locks come in steel or brass and have a number of safety devices, which make them an asset to an establishment.

High security locks are more expensive; but, compared to standard locks, they are not so overly priced that they make the cost unworthy.   They are well worth the added cost.  The security of a home is always a priority, and for a few dollars more, the difference in a sophisticated lock like a high security lock made of steel will deter a burglar over a standard lock.

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