Ready for home automation? Some Important Features of a Smart Lock

Smart Locks have become increasingly popular for offering convenience, security and efficiency to a home. Many homeowners just Install Smart Locks because they are simply enthralled by the idea of having a futuristic lock. But, if you are still on the edge, here are the salient features that the homeowners should know to make sure these locks meet their use and demands.

1. Security

A lock is an integral part of home security. The primary function of any lock is to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to specific spaces at any given time. Manufacturers of smart locks try to make these locks easy, comfortable, and efficient to use. However, sometimes the security aspect of the locks is left lacking.

Homeowners should opt for a smart lock that is the most secure and resistant to methods of forced entry, like those with ANSI Grade 1 deadbolts.

2. Battery Consumption

Smart locks require battery power to operate. When buying a smart lock, look for the manner in which they consume their battery power or how long is their expected battery life. You will want to buy one that performs the same basic function of smart lock while conserving energy.

3. Remote Connectivity

Another great feature that smart locks have is the ability to remotely lock the door from miles away with the press of a button. No matter where you are, remote connectivity ensures that you always know the current state of your smart lock. If you are often out of home or have domestic staff, these locks could be your saviours.

4. App Connectivity

Leading from the remote connectivity, smart locks can be controlled and monitored by accompanying smartphone applications which are free to download and easy to use. These apps allow you to check the diagnostics on your lock and at the same time give you real time notifications of anything that happens with your lock. You can also lock or unlock your door from any location with just a press of a button on your application.

5. Electronic Key Feature

An electronic key feature in a smart lock will give you the ability to generate temporary keys so you can assign them over certain period of time. This allows to control a key within a house. If you want to revoke someone’s electronic key, you can simply do so using a mobile application.

6. Backup Operation

An important feature that homeowners should consider in a smart lock is its backup power capabilities. Homeowners should look for the backup measures when the battery dies unexpectedly or when the lock is not connected to your smartphone due to your Wi-Fi being down.

The above essential features should not be overlooked. If you want to get a smart lock that meets your needs and keeps your property safe, give LOCKSMITHS PERTH 247 a call at 0427 580 823.