Keyless Locking Systems in Perth

Keyless locking systems replace the traditional lock and key with innovative security that upgrades safety with convenience. Today’s Keyless Locking Systems offer many different options for residential and commercial property owners with each eliminating the need for keys. Locksmiths Perth 24/7 offers the following information on keyless locking systems.

Keyless locking systems are also referred to as Digital Locking System. A few pushes of the buttons and the door to the property is locked or unlocked. The system is one that is secure, and one that offers many advantages like not having to rekey or change the locks when keys fall into the wrong hands.  When there is a concern of the code falling into the wrong hands, property owners simply change the code. Biometric fingerprint technology is another keyless lock system that stores the fingerprints of all persons allowed access to the property. The security is one that is quite advanced.

Property owners also have the advantage of having alarms work in combination with the keyless lock system. If an intruder tries to access the home, entering the wrong code, an alarm will go off. While in days gone past, keyless door locks were mainly used in businesses, today they are used in both residential and commercial buildings. The locks are the present day top security that offers convenience and optimal security. There are up to 2,000 codes that can be entered via the touch pad. There is also the advantage of kids not losing their keys and being locked out of the home, or having to rekey or change the locks when an employee leaves.

Keyless entry door locks are also easy to install. There is no wiring needed so that they can be installed in less than an hour.  The keypad offers easy mounting on the door with simply drilling a few holes into the door. They are also available in many different styles and colours, so there are plenty of options to match the architectural style and décor of property.

For property owners that want top security and a bit easier life, the keyless door locks are the way of the future. The locks offer an upgraded security that does deter thieves and convenience for every member of the household.

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