Escape the “Key Stuck In Ignition” situation

What could be as worse as a car lockout? Getting your car key stuck inside the ignition of the vehicle!!!

There can be many reasons for the key to stuck inside. There might be a structural issue with the ignition switch itself if your key gets stuck in every now and then. There is also a possibility of some sort of wire or button being misaligned inside the structure that houses the ignition mechanism because of which the key is prevented from turning to the fully disengaged position to be removed. This is known as a full jam but you can release the key by jiggling the key around or lightly hit the steering column.

Check out AMCO Emergency Automotive Locksmiths Perth 247’s guide to escaping the stuck car keys dilemma below:

Locked Steering Wheels

In some situations, there are no inner structural problems. Instead, the steering wheel is locked in a closed position which prevents your key to come out. In such case, you just need to slightly rotate the steering a little left or right to help release the key. Checking to see which direction the car’s wheels are turned to is another tactic to implement.

Turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction to release the key. Cars parked with their wheels facing opposite direction puts great pressure on the steering wheel, making it jam. You will
hear a click when you release the steering wheel with this method, signaling that the ignition is freed up.

Manual Removal

If your car key breaks off inside the car ignition, use pliers to manually pull out the part of the key exposed outside the ignition. If the part of the key is not visible then apply a small amount of superglue to the head of the key that broke off and stick it inside the ignition so it touches its other broken part. Hold still for a few minutes to let the glue dry and pull them out. Apply only a small amount of superglue so it does not get into the ignition mechanism.

If you still can’t get the key out, the problem may be due to a shifter mechanism malfunction. You will need the help of a professional Emergency Automotive Locksmith in Perth. Call Perth “AMCO Auto Locksmiths 247 “at 0427 580 823 as soon as possible before these malfunctions cause airbags to suddenly be deployed.