All About Transponder Keys

What is a Transponder Key?

A transponder key is a vehicle key that helps in adding an extra security layer through chip technology. A micro-chip is built into the head of the key. Transponder key is programmed to match with the computer code of your car.

Why Manufacturers Use This?

It is what allows you to start your car. If the chip is deactivated or damaged, your car will not start. The basic purpose of Transponder Keys was to reduce auto theft. Therefore it is central to your car’s anti-theft system. If your car’s computer won’t recognise the ID code from the chip key, you should call a certified locksmith to cut and program a new transponder key.

Advantages of Transponder Keys:

It is the most secure lock system for your car.
The bypassing of your key or duplication is very difficult to do.
Thieves can’t unlock and start your car by hotwiring the car. If the correct code from the key is not received the car won’t start.
Transponder signals are unique to the car which it unlocks or starts so it can’t be used for other cars if stolen.

Disadvantages of Transponder Keys:

You can’t start your car if you lose your original key. You will need to contact your car’s manufacturer/authorised dealership, or else a certified locksmith dealing in transponder keys.
Replacement cost is higher than traditional keys.
Range of key frequency is limited

How to tell if you have a Transponder Key:

The plastic part of your key should be thicker than the conventional keys. Another way to test is wrapping the plastic part with several layers of foil and tries to start the car. If it does not start then it has a transponder present. Most new vehicles are now fitted with some kind of transponder technology.

Difference between transponder keys and non transponder keys:

Transponder keys are different from automotive remotes. Auto remotes can only lock and unlock your vehicle. They are independent from the transponder security system. Transponder keys are also different from flat metal keys, which operate solely on mechanical cuts.

So, here you have all the information you needed to know about transponder keys. Some are better than others, some you can program yourself and sometimes you will need a professional but whatever you choose to do, remember to get a copy. If you can’t afford a spare transponder key, get a “service key”. It won’t run your car because it won’t have the transponder chip but it can unlock your door in case you lock yourself out.

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