6 Reasons To Get Your Locks Changed In Perth

There are many situations when you will find the need to change your locks. If you do not think of changing your locks in one of these situations, you are making yourself and your family more vulnerable to break-ins.
Wondering when should you change your locks? Here is a look at the top reasons to get your locks changed in Perth.

1. Change of Employee

If someone you have employed no longer works for you such as gardeners, house cleaners or anybody else you might have given a key for access to your home then change your locks immediately. You cannot trust if they have not made duplicate keys. This specifically applies to disgruntled employees or those who were hired and left on a very short notice without giving you any good reason.

2. Loss of a Key

Replace the whole locking system if you lose your key. There can be a chance that someone who knows your house might have taken them with an ill attention of breaking in for theft.

3. House Remodelling

No matter how reliable you think your contractor is, change your locks if you have given a key to a contractor. You can’t be sure that he has not made a copy of your key or given it to his workers. As your renovations are complete, rekey the locks.

4. Moving to a New House in Perth

When you move into a new house, it is one of those times when it is compulsory to change your locks. The previous resident might not have turned over every single key.
Why worry about someone you do not know having a copy of a key to your house. Change your locks and be done with it. Otherwise, no matter how good your home security system is, it can’t provide the protection you need.

5. Break-ins

By changing your entire locks, you can prevent recurrence of break-ins into your house. Those who broke in might still have a spare key of your house and try again to get into your house. No one is going to think twice about someone entering your house when you are not home if someone has a key.

6. Change of a tenant

Change the keys when your tenants move out if you are a landlord. They might give you a key back, but you can’t be sure if they made more copies. You can better ensure the safety of your new tenants by changing the locks immediately after your tenant leaves.


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